Hello. I've come across the structure: Subject +Causative verb + Object + Adv/Adj. For instance:

> He dreamed He had his pants down in front of everyone;

> He got me screwed up

I'd like to ask:

1- Is this the passive or active Causative?

2- What is the meaning they're conveing?

Note: I'd like to know the meaning this structure is conveing and not what these 2 example sentences mean.


He dreamed he had his pants down in front of everyone.

This is not causative "have" because no action is implied. Here "have" might be called resultative "have". It only means that he experienced being in a certain state or position as the likely result of some previous action.

Similar sentences:

He had his head down. (the result of lowering his head?)
He had his helmet on. (the result of putting it on?)
He had his hands up. (the result of being commanded to do so?)

Collin ONeilHe got me screwed up.

~ He caused me to become screwed up.

This is causative "get" with an past-participle-adjective.


He got me interested in motorcycles.
He got me involved in football.
He got me hooked on movies.


(conveying, not conveing)


Collin ONeil> He dreamed He had his pants down in front of everyone;

That i not the causative form of "have."

It is the common stative use. His pants were down.

Collin ONeil> He got me screwed up

That is not natural, even as slang.

I would interpret it as he confused me so much that I made a big mistake.

He screwed up the job = he ruined it.

You need to be careful of the verb "screw" as it has its licentious uses.