I read the following in a TOEIC book:

“8. The increase in layoffs over the past two fiscal periods has caused everyone ______ less secure.

A. feels

B. felt

C. was felt

D. to feel

(Answer: D)” ((Longman Preparation Series for the New TOEIC Test, Advanced Course, 4th Edition, p. 139))

I agree with the above that D is correct.

If there were ‘E. feeling’, would it be correct, also?

I don’t think ‘feeling’ would be correct, because I’ve never seen the structure “cause + sb + doing sth” in any context.

What do you think? Do you say “cause sb doing sth”

Thanks in advance.
I think 'feeling' is possible here. Infinitives can be often replaced with gerunds and in this particular case, feeling is a gerund, I think.

I'm not 100% sure about this. The version with 'feeling' sounds ok to my ears.
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To me, "feeling" is definitely not possible here.
NiueIf there were ‘E. feeling’, would it be correct, also?
Feeling is wrong here. I got it now.

I've seen people yelling (people who were yelling)

...employees (who were) feeling less secure wouldn't make much sense.
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