I am sending a letter with an enclosure and I also want to cc it to several people

What goes first at the end of the letter,Enclosure or cc?
'c.c.' a couple of lines below the signature, and then 'Encl.' after a couple of more lines.
Thanks Mister Micawber, I've been looking out for a reply to that question, it took awhile, so apparently few people know the correct order, until now that is.
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Well, I've certainly been waiting for it, Robyn! But then I was too lazy to go and look it up - I just knew someone would reply and save me the effort. So it's all Mr. M's fault that I've not lost any weight!Emotion: sad
Enclosure first and then CC
Wow, why would you give an answer if you aren't sure. You gave the wrong answer Mister Micawber!
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Actually anonymous, the answer is correct. cc's first, then Enclosure list.