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I am sending a letter with an enclosure and I also want to cc it to several people

What goes first at the end of the letter,Enclosure or cc?
'c.c.' a couple of lines below the signature, and then 'Encl.' after a couple of more lines.
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Thanks Mister Micawber, I've been looking out for a reply to that question, it took awhile, so apparently few people know the correct order, until now that is.
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Well, I've certainly been waiting for it, Robyn! But then I was too lazy to go and look it up - I just knew someone would reply and save me the effort. So it's all Mr. M's fault that I've not lost any weight!Emotion: sad
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Enclosure first and then CC
Wow, why would you give an answer if you aren't sure. You gave the wrong answer Mister Micawber!
Actually anonymous, the answer is correct. cc's first, then Enclosure list.