What does the 'cc' stand for at the end of a letter?
"Carbon Copies" It means other recipients of a letter (Ie. other people you will send this letter to)
Dear Frank,



cc: Tom, Mike
This letter would be sent to Frank, and copied to Tom and Mike.
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and what is Bcc, hitch? I often see it in emails.
I mean when you're writing an email, usually you can see:

To: ...
Subject: ...
Cc: ...
Bcc: ...

I know Cc stands for Carbon copy. But what does Bcc stand for?
Blind Carbon Copy - Don't let anyone know I sent it to these people aswell!.

to: Jon
cc: Carol
bcc: Spy, Spy2

Jon will receive the email, and see that Carol received it too
Carol will receive the email (copy), and see that it was sent to Jon

Spy,Spy2 will both receive the email aswell, but noone will ever know!
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Wow!!! That's really interesting. Thanks, hitch.
Not a problem, glad to help Emotion: stick out tongue
To add complication to the topic, the term "xc" is being used a lot now in business letters. It means that you are sending someone a xerox copy. "cc" is for carbon copies, whick I doubt anyone still sends true carbon copies anymore.
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Thanks guys !! I'm new to this and I really didn't have a clue what "cc" or "bcc" meant. I posed a question to my computer and this site came up ! Wow, I'm still in awe about this new world at my finger tips...... Kathleen Emotion: big smile
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