Film stars and music celebrities may earn a great deal of money and live in luxurious surroundings, but many of them lead unhappy lives. Do you agree? To what extent is this the price they pay for being famous?

Numerous famous people now are easily capable of making a lot of money and enjoying themselves with overpriced items. However, there are still many of them suffering from unhappiness in their own life. Personally, I approve of this idea and that the price for their being well-known is just at an average level.

It is undeniable that most celebrities have no difficulty earning a great deal of money in minutes thanks to the plentiful sources such as modeling for advertisements or singing for a ceremony. Accordingly, they can afford to purchase villas, cars and clothes which contribute to their satisfying life a lot. As wonderful it is, however, I claim that some famous people perhaps are so tired of their career. Fame seemingly ruins one’s life since the more popularity they gain, the lonelier they get. Their expensive life stands to be the cause of their friends and relatives’ envy and boycotting them. For example, last year, Choi Sulli, a very talented Korean actress was found dead because of suicide. It is reported that during her career, her innate friends and loved ones were enviously badly gossiping about her due to her richness which hurt her for long. Thus, she had to experience so much sorrow leading to that awful decision.

Otherwise, I am of the opinion that reputation should not give people a high price because getting into a celebrity’s life is demanding. People need to train themselves constantly and always suffer from high expectations as well as pressure from the public. For this reason, every star should completely deserve a luxurious life with parties, exotic holidays and delicacies. Yet, I think a person also cannot deceive himself to be able to avoid menaces from paparazzi and crazy fans who follow him all the way to his flights and houses for his daily photos which shows that his privacy is clearly violated.

Overall, not only does fame enable people to enrich their life but also negatively affects them. Still, I assume that celebrities are worth having a happy life.

Thank you!!

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