Hello all,

I've looked around different forums and tried to figure this out myself BELIEVE me but here it goes:

In the "1. Correcting a student’s mistakes" section the statement “Yes, I’ve been to the bank yesterday.” is incorrect as it uses the past perfect when referring to a specific point in time. In other words the past simple should be used. I get all that HOWEVER what I don't understand is this:

Why not simply use the past simple of the very "to be" as in "I was at the bank yesterday".

Now I am aware that doesn't really answer the question. Everywhere I look people seem to be correcting the statement to " I went to the bank yesterday" - fair enough. but why change the verb used? Does it it have anything to do with the change of "to the bank" into "at the bank". I do think it particularly answers the question an better either.

Whatever it is I'm not seeing it.

Another option I was going to use was "I've been to the bank" and removing the word "yesterday" but I'm not sure that's the right way to go as it seems "I went to the bank yesterday" is the only answer people seem to be giving on this task.

So what am I missing here ? I really would prefer to understand this rather than just fill it out and get a check but not knowing why Emotion: big smile
There are several possibilities:

1a. I am at the bank every day.
1b. I was at the bank yesterday.
1c. I have been at the bank every day this week.

Ia and 1b are possible for both a bank employee or a customer, though it just happens that customers more often 'go to' than 'be at' the bank in most contexts. I think that a customer not very likely to say 1c.

2a I go to the bank every day.
2c. I went the the bank yesterday.
2c. I have gone to the bank every day this week.

All three are possible.

3c. I have been to the bank every day this week.

There are no present or past tense exact equivalents of 3c.