could some one please help me answer the following question and correct me if i am wrong .. thanks xxx

1. look at the diallogue below and label the function of each utternace.

informal dialogue -function
a) hey bob - greeting
b) yeah? - respond from the greeting
c) help me with the case will you - making a request
d) sorry, but Anne's waiting for me - refusing a request
e) OK. Never mind. -accepting a refusal

this is clearly an informal conversation between two freinds, imagine a similar dialgue with the same number of lines and using the same funtions between two people who do no know each other.

informal dialogue formal dialogue

a)hey bob - Hello bob
b) yeah? - yes? what can i do for you?
c) help me with the case will you?
- could you please help me with this case?
d) sorry, but Anne's waiting for me.-
-i am sorry i cant, as Anne is waiting for me
e) OK. never mind - it doesnt matter, thanks

2. copy the following words and underline the syllable which carries the main stress.

a) allow
b) prefer
c) preference
d) record (verb)
e) record (noun)
f) controversial
g) photograph
h) photographic
i) photography


3. underline the 'odd one out' in the following groups of words and give your reason.

a)taken went seen forgotten
b)bright early good some
c)never but unless because
d)luggage cup cutlery furniture
e)rough tough enough cough

no idea on how to do this?
what am i suppose to do here??

4. Error correction

Each of these sentences below contain an error or inappropriate use of language. how would you explain these mistakes to an adult language learner?
keep the explaination simple but it is nit necessary to avoid grammer terminology altogether e.g noun,verb, tense, preposition.

1) "i like to invite you to my birthday"
2) "i have visited Washington two years ago."
3) " i was very upset when the other car hardly missed me.!
4) "who went you with to the cinema last night."
5) (husband to wife): "take a note please darling. for starters, I'll have some vegetable soup and for the main course i'll have a steak - medium - rare if you dont mind."

1) "i would like to..", as some one is inviting them.
2) about two years ago?
3) ?
4) who went with you. this is a question asking who did you go with.
5) ??
I am doing the CELTA myself. As you need the members on this forum to answer you, and it isn't a quick look you will get a lot less replies. I suggest you register on this site and help others (as I am doing). You will get a lot more help than posting as a anon - you endear yourself to the people who have the answers to your questions.

I have found it helps me improve, as I look things up.
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I know it was a while ago but how did you get on with this?

I am trying to do it now.

Any help on section 5 and 6 would be appreciated, I think I have the rest sorted.

Have you finished the course now? How did you find it?

Sorry I meant question 3 and 4.

Thanks again!
I am willing to enrol a celta course as well, and I have a formal interview in a couple of weeks. Hopefully if I'm successful, I will start the course in January 2014.
Anyway...regarding the exercise number 3 I think you are supposed to find out the odd word that doesn't comply with the others.

So I would answer:

1. Went (because all the others are in past participle of the irregular verbs).
2. Some (coz it is a quantifier)
3. never (coz it isn't a preposition like all the others words mentioned)
4. Luggage (coz it doesn't make sense with all the others due to the category I suppose)
5. enough (coz it isn't an adjective)

Hope to have got right my answers. :-) . In case I got wrong I apology.
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I'm willing to enrol on a CELTA course, so I have a formal interview in a couple of weeks. Hopefully if I'm successful, I will start the part time course in January 2014. :-) cross your fingers!

For the exercise n° 3 I would answer:

1. went (because it is a past simple form of irregular verbs; all the others are written in the past participle form).
2. some (because it is the only quantifier reported)
3. never (because it isn't a preposition like all the other words reported)
4. luggage (because it is the only word that doesn't match all the others due to the sort of kind)
5. enough (because it is an adverb of degree; all the others can be classified as adjective).

I hope to have answer right. In case not, please report!
Thank you so much for your help.