What companies or schools provide scholarships/grants for the CELTA or other certification for becoming an International Teacher of the English language? I have been told they are out there, and there is no need to drop $2,500.00 on a program if funds are available or training is free. You tell me?
In the Uk, the colleges don't recieve any goverment funding, therefore no grants are available - according to the tutor of the course I have applied for.
I am not sure about it. I am also looking for this quite some time. So hope for the best and let see is there really any scholarships/grants exist...
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It really depends on the courses - some courses are cheaper than others obviously. If you need it to be paid by a grant, I don't really know what your options are. I'm working at a school where we're offering TEFL courses (in the Czech Republic), and since we're outside of Prague, we can undercut them with lower running costs.
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