Anyone know why the Celta pre-course task is accompanied with a 'key' which, actually, is mostly the full answers? What's the point of being given a task and having the answers provided? This is not a rhetorical question. :- {
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Don't look at the key until you finish the task.
Yes, well, I should imagine that's most peoples reaction. Mmm!
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Hi. I am a CELTA trainer. To answer your Q the answers are provided to save time and help YOU to check how much you know prior to course starting. You just have to be honest with youself and not peek before completing individual tasks.


It is because you are an adult and expected to be motivated to learn and therefore use tools correctly.

Give a child a set of questions and answers and they will just copy in the answers! As an adult, you are expected to complete the exercises then use the key to check your work, find any mistakes, and try to understand why you made those mistakes and how to apply that knowledge to improve yourself.
If answered honestly it will let you know what needs to be worked at before joining the intensive course. Saves time and money. If one cheats one only does oneself a disservice.
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Hello Holly

I'm seriously thinking of taking the CELTA course. However, have you any ideas as to whether the institution where the course is taken bears any direct effects on my future job application. I'm putting this rather badly.. What I'm trying to say is that if I were to have my CELTA cert issued from an institution in Turkey, would I be less preferred had I taken it say, in London?

I don't think it should make any difference. The qualification is the same.

A lot of people from the UK go abroad to study for these as it can be much cheaper than here!
I've just got a pre-course task (consisting of 50 sub-tasks) for my CELTA course and there's no key provided! Looks like it'll be hard work to do it in the next few days before the course starts!
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