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Little help!

You pick up 2 rings: 1 falls from the curtain (keep opening and closing it),
1 ring is on the bowl next to the stereo

2 keys (gold and silver): 1 key is on the window, 1 under the pillow

CD Case: In the drawer, you don't need it

Power-Chord: Use the keys to open the drawer

Mistery Box: Use the other key to open the drawer

Ordinary Key: Plug the power chord into CD player and open the cd slot, there
is another key

Metal Rod: Lift the pillow and on the bed, there is a metal rod

Battery: On the far side of the bed

Cassete: Below the desk which supports the CD player

Fit the rings & metal rod on the mistery box. Open mistery box, fit in
cassette player and battery, play the movie

The dancing man points to a spot on the screen. Mouse click that point.

Open the rectangular slot. The code is 1994, use the key open the safe

You get a screw driver in the safe

Use the screw driver to crack the door and go out
i cant find the rectangular slot that the dancing man points. everytime i click the spot it will lead me to the cd player.
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i made it........im also trying the viridian room.
The code 1994 does'nt seem to work. Is there any problem here or did I miss something?
you visit this website http://takagism.fasco-cs.com/yellow_chamber.html and you will find a new code there.

you guys must try the viridian room too. its cool and harder than crimson.
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Thanks for the help. Did you finish the viridian room too. It does seem trickier.
yep i finished it already and waiting for the next one.
That code i got from that website didn't work!! What am I going to do now? I tried many times..
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I keep clicking on the spot the dancing man points to and it takes me back to the cd player...I have clicked all over that thing I think...I am stuck please help.

Thank You I need helpEmotion: smile
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