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You need to wait till the film finishes and then click on the spot. You will see a rectangle mark just on the wall above the place you clicked. Click on the mark and continue with entering the password. And then you are done...Emotion: smile
i went to that website for the different code and it still 1093 still dosent work please help!
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the code is actually 1039
I have lifted the pillow and did not find the metal rod. There was something else under the pillow. Does anyone know another way to get the metal rod?
Did anyone finish the viridian room? It's a real challenge and I have alot of stuff but I can't figure out what to do with it? [:^)] Any hints?
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i cant find it either Emotion: crying
i cant find the metal rod under the pillow
the metal stick is not under the pillow but between the crack of the bed of the pillow
to get to it lift the piow and start clicking in the shadows you hould find it
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im trying the viridian room but its so hard!!!!!! i havve a bunch of stuff but i don't know what to do with it! does anybody have any hints or anything???? im stuck and i keep trying to find other stuff, but i cant find anything else!!!! please help me!
thank youEmotion: big smile
p.s. they also have a blue chamber now, its so hard
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