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Thanks I found the metal rod.
for viridian room .. after u get the rug off of the skeleton you click on it ... then itll tear and out of it will come a green cross ( im not sure if ud discovered that yet ) after you get the cross ( it looks like a flattened dice ) then you will take all of the chinese characters that you have found and put them in the correct placements. you do that by taking the piece of paper that has black hair on it and u take the lighter and click on it .. then the hair will disappear and u will find something. now you will go to the medicine bottle and look at the sheet of paper and discover which chinese symbols match up with the paper .. then put the symbols on the dice accordingly.. im not gonna tell you everything! Emotion: wink

hope ya figure things out!!!
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where do i find the number to unlock the bike lock of the skeleiwag
sophie how did you do it?i click in the spot but it dont do anythink
oh coem on its easy the rod is down the side of the bed betwene the matress and th eheadboard. As for the movie let it finish then click wher ehe pointed maaby 3 times and u get a rectnagle box
Ures truly : the room solvers
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where do you find the battery??
grrrrr i cant get the battery it wont let me go to the far side of the bed pleaz sum1 help!!
thanks you alot my friends
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