I have some problem to change sentences with adjective clause to phrase and phrase to adjective clause. Please tell me about them. Thanks a lot !
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Thanks a lot!
Now I have new question. Can you please tell me difference between " According to you" and " To meaning of you " ?
I can't know when to use either of them!
Please help me!!
Hello Snake Master

"According to you" is "as stated by you", "in a manner agreeing/consistent with you", or "in your opinion". As for the phrase "to meaning of you", it's new to me. Google hits virtually nothing for "to meaning of you". I doubt if it is a right English phrase.

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I've never heard or seen it either!
Nope - not in use over here. Emotion: smile
Sorry!It was 'To your opinion'.
Becouse of my hurry,i had a mistake!!
Please help me!!
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We really need the rest of the sentence, Snake. It could be, eg that someone is saying

"I bow to your opinion" - meaning that they accept the other person's point of view.