People normally resist making change, which might prevent us from grow and competiveness.
Even if you have no problem with current life, nobody surely say you will be still OK tomorrow since the world changes so rapidly.
Without mobile phone, and e-mail address, it is very hard to communicate with anyone but it was nothing like that in 20 years ago.
If you do not change, you will so behind of the area, and can not get advantages of modern technology, and fail to deal with peoples in modern society. In this international competitive world, you will be looser if you are just doing the same every day and no improvement.
Because the market and demand are always changed, even product A was a big hit, market would not want it anymore because new product B sold by competitor fits well for the new market demand, low price or better quality.
Ok, there is some old fashioned business like Kabuki performer, however, Kabuki has been changed to attract young customers, and go abroad to perform to attract foreigner. There are changes even in such a historical field to survive.
Afraid of new thing is normal reaction because you do not know if it is safe. People says “curiosity kill the cat”, so better stay at home and do nothing. However, you have to lean how to get the food and go out from a warn/sweet home. To release your worry for the change, you try to see the benefit if you make change. You might just have doing it but it might not have been the best way. You can start with very easy step, and once you know the change won’t hart you but improve you, you became not afraid of chance of the change. Enjoy a change, enjoy something new, and enjoy new yourself.
Whether the change be drastic or mild, typically people in general, try to avoid as much change as possible. To many scholars, change is the foundation of learning, where new idea's and prospective hope comes into play for our future, without it we prevent ourselves growth, and lack the ambition to set out competitively. Life continues to change at a rapid rate, and we can never be certain how much time we have on earth, and we all can admit learning the ways that are going to keep us moving forward and thus not comming to a halt, involves keeping the "new" and "fresh" technologies innovativeness in our pocket. Change can be very difficult for closed minded people, and sometimes many people can stand in the way of a bigger brighter future unknowingly, due to fears of loss, paranoma, and lack of hope in its prosperity. Change can be costly, however as well, sometimes it costs lives, sometimes it tears at the heart of the society, but we are taught in the long run that we must change for the better of the situation and for the great profits in which we stand to lose if we do not change. In relationships you always hear how people change and in that most relationships end, and one ends up hating the other or both do equally. Change can be positive or negative, and I believe only positive changes should be brought fourth on the people of a society if in fact it can help more than it hinders, and is for the prospective side of the future as a whole and not the pockets of few. There were times we got along with no technology, there were times when cancer, Aids, leukemia, and mental illness did not run through our homes, so in that I find that movement or change doesn't just mean spend more money, find better technologies, sometimes it can mean change the way you operate the policies you have, change your frame of mind, and the way you deal with your society and those around you. It is a fact we all must go through changes, we all must improve on the current or just give it to the past, If you do not change, you are to blame for your losses. There are people in the world that are soldiers, and people that are workers, some do the task others make the task. We all have purpose and we all have a set of goals for ourself, making effective changes, re-evaluating your follies and meeting your views and targets at large.. Perhaps others can find some kind of encouraging way to be of use to someone today, perhaps others can find some way to be giving without the expectation of a reciept or reward for their efforts, great humanity coexists with exceptional humbleness, and projective hope for change.
CHANGE THE MOMENT, Change the day, Lets change the time, so we can change the future. Every day we live is one more day accountable.
And I think we are all tired of being held accountable.

Change can be a good thing sometimes! Emotion: smile
thank you for your perfect essay!