Hi I can't find the sing-in option to change my user id. I want to change it just to my Name and Surname without this 5217 that I have no idea where it came from.

I'd appreciate your help.

Done Emotion: smile

Thank you for your promt response, but my username still is Karol Silski 5217 (I waited for 24 hours hoping that the system needs time for update, but it's not the case). Could have a look once more?

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That's weird. It showed you as Karol Silski, with no 5217, when I left it.

Do you log in with Google or Facebook?

I logged in with my gmail.

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That would explain it. If you sign up using Google or Facebook to log in with, your username can't be changed. It may be possible to change your username if you unlink your account here from your Google account and set it up to have a regular password, but I've never tested this out, and I have no idea what would happen if it worked and you then relinked your Google account. The last time this situation arose was in 2016, and the admin who knew how it worked isn't here any more.