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Noel Petty , 1989

To speak our tongue without a fluff

Is, for a foreigner, quite tough.

It's most depressing , for although

You may be feeling ever so

Delighted that you've found out how

The English speak a word like plough,

That doesn't give you too much clue

About the right way to say through,

Which leaves you none too clear about

The proper way to deal with drought.

At this stage some like you have thought

It wise to give up, and abort

The mission.But don't be put off,

You're near the bottom of the trough,

And nobody is going to kick up

Much fuss about a minor hiccough.
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Really Dj, you know something, you might find it hilariousEmotion: big smile reading these lines for you are an advanced learner but it's another story for the beginners who should never stop improving their lingustic competence. Emotion: smile

p.s. To all English language learners : if it was a piece of cake , you'd never appreciate the fruits! Keep going, folks.Emotion: big smile
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"Half of the country died of plague, the other half died of ague"

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There is something bitter-sweet about this poem: I love the rhymes but can't stand the spelling chaos.