I need help writing a character letter for my son who is in jail. For a parole violation as a result to a recent charge that he is being accused of. He is a college student who has made a mistake. His potential is worth puncuating if he refocuses his abilities in the right direction. My goal is to have him complete his studies while returning to his job. I would like to convince the attorney that He is does need to spend any more time in jail. He has been locked up since July 2005. He can be a positive influence in the community, and a good father to his new born son.
i would like to help you. I havent written or helped someone write such a letter before, but if you give me the details you want to include, i can give it a try, and then maybe someone at the forum can check it for us.
I need a character letter for a person who will be going before a judge who will be give his community work timme and a fine. This person has been a good community worker, they once serve as a city counselman.
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Have been asked to write a character letter for the courts on a child custody case ..not exactly sure where to go with it. I believe I am being asked to write character on the changes that have seperated the child from the rest of his family being moved away by his father?. Not quit sure which way to go with it.
Anon, we can't write the letter for you. You need to put some thoughts together first. Try putting down your thoughts in a "bullet" list, and then expand on each one. Then post it here and we can try to help.
my son is in jail and i need to write good letter about his acheivements to help the lawyer convince the judge to let him out.
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We don't write letters for people. Write down your thoughts and someone will help you with the English.