Well i have to do a paper in english comparing the story, Ethan Frome, to a short story called The First Seven Years. I know that alot of the characters in both stories are similiar in their roles, but what are some other intersting things i should look for in character comprehension. I'm brand new to these forums, and i am not the best between the line reader, so please, bear with me.
will someone please post somthing
I find that topic really interesting too as it is said that the most important traits of our personalites are supposed to be formed.
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Well, write all the characters down from each text then go back and write their parts in the story. When you are done answer your question for your task. If you can pull this one, you will be fine with many more to come. Good Luck!
OK, do you agree with this analysis of Characters in Ethan Frome?
* Ethan Frome- taciturn, extremely responsible, young man who marries an older woman because of fear of being alone, no social skills, shy and naive, martyr complex
* Zeena Frome- frigid, cold, emotionless wife of Ethan who didn't express her feelings, suspicious of Ethan, old, ugly, down and depressed, passive, aggressive and manipulative
* Mattie Silver- young, flirtatious, outgoing cousin of Zeena, good listener, spinster, was an orphan

Please try to analyse the characters of The First Seven Years in the same way. Personally, I’d search the Internet for study guides or book reviews to get a little help. It’s really a difficult question; the hardest thing is getting just the right perspective on the book as a whole – not easy at all. Maybe editorial reviews from Amazon.com would be a great place to get some perspective on the two novels. Good luck!