Hi firends,
Here are some photoes of my hometown Yunnan of China. There are a large number of nation Minorities live in Yunnan. They have different cultures, languages, clothes.

Lugu lake, a most mysterious place in Yunnan. Because there is a misterious Minority live in there called Moling People( 摩棱人). They have a special merriage system which is totally different from ours. It juat like the ancient matrilineal society. People have no marrige, so they don't need divorce. If a man fall in love with a woman, he can stay in the woman's house one night and leave in next morning. If they had a baby, the woman will rise she/ he up, and that baby belongs to her mother.

This two pictures are Moling People.
More about Lugu Lack.

The next place i will introduce to you is called Xishuangbanna . It is the southernmost prefecture of Yunnan Province. The prefecture is nicknamed "Aerial Garden" for its luxuriant and multi-layered primitive woods and tropical rain forests, which are teeming with animals and plants.

The tropical rain forests, big plants.

The typical animals there are elephants. Instead of horses, the local people there ride elephants.
The main local Minority there is called Dai People(傣族). They are famous of beatiful ladies and their peacock dance.They have a special fastival called Water-splashing Festival. People spash water to another to envoke their blessing.

She is the most famous peacock dancer in China.

The Dai People are plashing water to tourists to express their blessing.

Well, hope you will enjoy these photoes and welcome to Yunnan.^_^

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Nice place, thanks for adding the photos.
Thank you Doll.
Hope you will enjoy it. ^_^
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Oh, you are here too~~~
ChinsonTanOh, you are here too~~~

Yes, i'm here. ^_^

Actually I frist came here then came TCP.
It looks so beautiful there. I hope to visit China soon. I don't live far away. I just don't know exactly how or where to go. It's so big and I want to see more than just the popular tourist sites. Maybe I will someday soon I hope. It looks amazing.
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Hi,i need your help,can you tell me how to upload my photo?Thanks.
Hi,i need your help,can you tell me how to upload my photo?Thanks.

Follow these What's one of the last pictures you took?

Thanks CB
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