Can you plese help me how to use ESL chat. I tried a lot to enter the room but I'm not able to do so. Thanks!
Hey Rishka, what exactly happens when you click the ESL Chat tab? (This is what you do, isn't it?) What does the system say?
when I click the ESL chat tab new page is displayed where other tabs are seen. I'm lost in this page. I even clicked one of the categories from the Chat rooms but the same page is displayed. I don't see anyone online or having live conversation. Please tell me the steps to enter the chat room.
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Well, generally, you are supposed to enter the chat right away after clicking that ESL Chat tab. There shouldn't be any additional steps unless you want to enter another chat room.

So when you click ESL Chat, do you see this? If you don't and it's just a blank window (instead of the yellow part), then you most probably have to install Adobe Flash Player .

Thanks Ruslana! I'm downloading Adobe Flash Player. I hope it'll work after this.
Let me know how it goes! Emotion: smile
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It worked Ruslana!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Super! Emotion: smile