Does anyone know a site where my students could chat with other ESL students?
They should be able to chat on this site.
Not voice chat, just by written texts.
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Where is the written text chat gone? The voice chat is a lot more difficult to use and students might feel embarrased. It might be a better idea to have them both.
The voice chat on this site is in two parts. You can have someone speaking and at the same time you can type messages. The chat on this site is just like any other chat except it has the possibility for someone to speak if they want. It depends on the person whether they want to speak or type.
Emotion: starHey all, i am new !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! sounds like a fun chat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! bye Emotion: big smile
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hye pieter....i feeza from malaysia..can i know more about you???please tell about your country..please
i m priya i want to avoid the tense mistakes datsy i want to chat.
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