Relating to the new chat, Chatango:
a) I cannot see who is online . The " who is online now button doesn't work.
b) when I click on that I get this message: A script content in the movie is slowing down the performance of Adobe Flash Player. If it's not broken, it could cause a computer crash. Abort the script, yes or no?
Or something like that.
c) when I click on that or sometimes on the emoticons button, I cannot do anything anymore after that and I have to close the window.
Could someone please, help me? Any idea?
Thank you in advance!
What browser do you use?
Does it happen it every browser?
Have you tried updating your Flash Player?
hello audray do you have the newest version of adobe flashplaayer ? which browser do you use?
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Lana and Nice,
I updated Java and Adobe Flash Player. Then I installed them again. I tried Chrome and Explorer.
ah thats good when you have updated them i used only firefox and this browser works fine
Please try the tricks described here: http://chatango.com/help?help_trouble_shooting
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The same. I don't know what to do nowEmotion: sad
Anyway, it's strange. At the beginning it was okay. Then, after several days it started showing me that message. Pratically, I can chat but I can't post emoticons, see who is online ....
Thank you very much!