Hello, what was happend?
My messages are not shown in chat at all...
What's wrong? Help me please.
I want to chat like i did previously/before...
Hello, Treasure,

It looks like you were banned from the chat yesterday for being rude to other members. There's nothing we can do about it at the moment, but you may be able to chat again in some weeks. Please, read our guidelines so that banning doesn't happen again.

9) Always be respectful of other users, the system, and the moderators. We put the system online in good faith; please use it in good faith.

Hello, Ruslana,
can you tell me, when exactly i can start to chat again? Emotion: wink
Please help, i won't act bad at all again =)
<Russian sentence removed by mod>
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You'll be able to chat again in a few weeks, but I don't know the exact date, Treasure.

Hey, I also had to remove Russian from your post because our threads are suposed to be in English only... Emotion: wink