YOMOYAMA BANASHI - literally 'surrounding mountain(s) story'
It is used to mean 'talking with someone about various topics,
usually not so important topics'.
Is there any aimilar figurative expression in English?
(One of the next Prime Minister candidates here was asked
by news reporters "What did you talk with American leaders about?"
He answered "YOMOYAMA BANASHI." I think he tried to
avoid mentioning specific topics.

Thank you.

make small talk = talk politely about inconsequential things

shoot the breeze = talk in a relaxed way about unimportant things This sounds closest to your idea

beat about the bush = avoid saying directly what you want to. Sounds negative.

Best wishes, Clive
One I can think of is "Shooting the breeze" - meaning to talk idly.

Edited: Oops. Jinx, Clive.
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