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I'm leaving the chat room because itis not working well, what a pity, there were 4 people Emotion: sad and I talked a bit Emotion: sad
Hi! I've been in the chat room several times, but there was nobody! Emotion: sad Might I do something wrong?
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PemmicanI got an idea:

What about a Chat room?
Just a small one, open on one or two days a week for an hour or two?!

Then everyone could discuss problems which couldn't be solved by just posting answers on the thread.
Certainly it'll be also a good starting point for new questions or ways of finding solutions.
It would be also a great chance of getting a bit more acquainted to each other, what do you think about this? Emotion: wink
Sup? Emotion: big smile Jez thought, I'd drop A FEW lines..Emotion: wink I'm a newbie! Name's Faux, I'm from RP, otherwise known as Philippines, but I've been travelling from as far as i can remember-has its own advantage and disadvantages. I came across this DB(discussion board) via search engine..I was doing a few research for this lesson plan that I'm preparing for my korean students. I'm a native speaker in an english institute. The truth is I'm an amateur. The same reason why i decided to join this timely forum with the hopes that some of you would be so kind as to give me a few pointers regarding teaching. I've lived in Egypt for 6 years, been to Israel and lived in New Zealand for about..a lil over 2 years. I've always enjoyed learning other languages, even tried French back in Cairo which was mandatory ..went as far as getting myself a tutor but the effort turned out to be futile. It was just too hard but I always thought it was cool...oh well, all ain't lost for me they say, there are other alternatives anyway. (geez, here I go with the rhymin again..eugh!) I've been tutoring/teaching for 4 months...there'd been good moments and vice versa but it's been generally okay which is really surprising cuz most of my co-teachers would be telling me all this dark experiences that they've had with their korean students. I ain't sure if they were true. Nevertheless, I keep thanking God cuz I feel so blessed that I'm getting along with my students...there were times where i wanted so much to quit and times that I resented ever being there in the first place but i'm beginning to understand them and it's all good now. Their behaviors were all outta frustration, pride, too much eagerness, shyness..etc. which i learnt was typical. So yeah, i look forward to hearing from you guys out there...soon. Y'all have a good one!Emotion: geeked
sorry, but where is the sport in the forum?
Good God (sorry Dad!) you're right! - We left sport out - bringing this up with the mods now.!!
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thats a great idea open it on a wednesday and monday

Emotion: big smile
Your Wednesday is my Thursday.
Try this [url=]chat page[/url] - it's free, instant, and doesn't require downloading..
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It doesn't recognize my name and password. Do I have to register independently?
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