i want to acess the chat from my smartphone but there are problems
first, if i am already signed in to the forums and then enter the chat it stays stuck on "connecting to the server"

on the other hand, if i am not already signed in when i enter the chat, the chat works but i don't want to enter my password. i don't feel safe giving them my password.
need help i use my smartphone a lot and when i am away from home i want to talk with my friends here.
thank you.
As far as I know, the chat isn't optimised for mobiles. I know some people were able to chat using their phones, but most people can't, me included.
hi optilang Emotion: smile
first, thank you for your friends thread explaining how to add friends
butthe chat wotks when i am not
signed in to EF. i can get to the menu. but i am not recognized as Picnic.