Does one 'chat with' or 'chat to' others?

chat with
'Chat to' is fine in British English. It may not be common in American English, but there are enough COCA citations to suggest that it's acceptable to some people.
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Aspara Guschat with
I have come across a lot of sentences using 'chat to' while I was checking 'chat' in Corpus of Contemporary American English.Is 'chat to' informal?
With is the usual preposition. Can you provide a sentence in which chat to is used?
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While Syrian authorities try to act against the endemic smuggling along the border, they turn a blind eye to local residents crossing over to visit residents or do a little shopping. # " The soldiers tell us we can buy what we want but must not smuggle diesel fuel into Lebanon or guns into Syria, " says Ali, a portly figure in a white dishdash and red-and-white keffiyah wrapped around his head. Ali, who along with other residents did not want to be named, sat on a cushion on the floor of a large unfurnished room and chatted to several other elders who had gathered in his home. # They discussed the dramatic events of the previous night when Syrian troops had opened fire with machine guns and rocket-propelled grenades just a few hundreds yards from their homes. # " The bullets were hitting our homes and we turned off the lights and hid on the floor, " says Ali. # He and his guests say that the gun battle was between Syrian troops and a group of Syrian diesel-fuel smugglers during which one of the gang members was
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nsfs2 and chatted to several other elders who had gathered in his home.
With certainly sounds more natural here. But then, I’m an AmE speaker.