Cheat in exams- good or bad???

That's an incredibly difficult question for me to answer. I'm living and learning in Viet Nam, to be honest, students in Viet Nam are really good at cheating, I mean they copy their friends exercises, open books while doing exams, ... and many things that I cant't count. They start cheating from Junior school to high school, and sometimes, they even do that in University and college, too. I'm very confused about this because my friends always do that for high marks. Now, they can't stop because it has become a routine- they get good marks without learning anything and they are very happy about that. . Cheating in exams is giving all the teachers headaches, but they can't do anything about it, that makes me upset. I would rather had bad marks by doing the exams myself than received good marks which is not mine, not my knowledge, not my ability. But now I can't decide whether to cheat or not because if i didn't do that, my report would't as good as my friends'. And this is an important year for me, what shoul i do now?

This does put you in a very difficult position doesn't it. I don't understand why the teachers can't do anything about it. It's not hard to stop people copying and using reference books during exams? Can you talk to them about your concerns?

I sympathise. You want to earn your qualifications the honourable way but it might disadvantage you, and it seems as though cheating is accepted in your country. All I can say is that you need to follow your conscience. I won't think the worse of you if you decide that you can't fight it and may as well join the cheaters. On the other hand, I think that will lead to your losing respect for yourself and your work. If you do your honest best, you can be genuinely proud of your achievements, and the real knowledge you gain will be of great benefit to you in the future. Your cheating friends may have serious problems when it comes to work - if they take on jobs based on their qualifications but have not actually done the work or acquired the knowledge, they won't be able to perform satisfactorily and won't be able to advance in their careers. Whereas you should do well and your attitude shows that you are more mature than them even now.
very bad, of course!
but i can sympathize with Vietnamese students. i have a friend in Vietnam. he said that in Vietnam, students have to study the whole courses by heart, and then just write down what they remember. it's a terribly difficult task , i think.
in my opinion, teachers should ask students for a research in stead of that "traditional kind of test". it's more practical. and students will surely have a good knowledge of that subject.
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I used to cheat quite a lot during college time, but I had a pride in doing so. I wouldn't copy my friends' answers unless I understood what's written on it.