We provide promotional services for all sort of educational events through digital marketing in which SEM, SMM, SME Account-based marketing and Print marketing activities such as a brochure, Poster etc. However, Please have a look at our education portfolio and you will understand further.

Please review this sentence in a formal way.


The phrase in which is wrong. I don't know what you are trying to say, so I can't comment further.

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I am trying to say in a nutshell that we provide promoting services(via online and offline(Print)) for events.

Please review the original sentence with it.

I still don't clearly understand. It's better if you try to revise it, and then show me.


As Clive mentioned, "in which" is not right, but I wonder whether you actually mean "including". With that change, the first sentence could be made to make sense, but it is still confusing how many things you are including, and how they are grouped. Does "through" govern three things:

digital marketing, including SEM and SMM
SME account-based marketing
print marketing such as brochures and posters


Does SME = Small and medium-sized enterprises?

Also, "education portfolio" may not be the right term. You talk about "educational events"; are these corporate events where the company explains what it does?

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Digital marketing is known as online marketing, It consists of different channels(SEM, SEM AND SME) to use the promoting activities of Product and service among social media user via the Internet.

As you mentioned, SME is abbreviated as SOCIAL MEDIA ENGAGEMENT that uses to estimate the social user's comment, like and shares in the social network like facebook, LinkedIn etc.

So, We provide digital marketing services for our clients(Colleges and corporate companies).

Education events(Creative designs for college and corporate event logo, banners, backdrop and signage) etc. so We have experienced in making creative designs for education and corporate event(Portfolio).

In that case I suggest this:

We provide promotional services for all sorts of educational events through digital marketing (including SEM, SMM and SME), account-based marketing and print marketing activities such as brochures, posters etc. However, Please have a look at our education portfolio and you will understand further for further information.

I don't know whether "education portfolio" is the best term, but I'm not sure what to suggest as an alternative.

Yes, Well defined explanation, According to my input, it is effective for me. Thank you.

However, Educational portfolio is a document that contains previous work details, Client names and achievements for colleges and corporates. I am persuading a prospect with the portfolio.

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