Since Professor *** is on long leave hence I am directed to return the paper to you since he has undergone under a eye operation. The inconvenience caused is regretted.

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Dear ___ ,

Since Professor *** is on leave for medical reasons, I have been directed to return your paper. We regret the inconvenience caused you.

To avoid error
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hi...i'm new here, im not sure about this site but it looks good! can you really correct my writing? can i give you any paragraph and you help me correcting it?
Yes, you can. If you want a continued discussion on it, we would like you to register (it's free) so that we know which 'Anonymous' we are talking to!
Case Studies are a compelling way to sell Wipro's capability to prospective clients.
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What is 'Case Studies'?-- a book?
The Case Studies are is correct, they are individual 'articles' describing the work a company has done for another company.
Then why is the phrase capitalized?
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