Dear Dr. Leonard,

I already sent emails to my professors at Khartoom University for requesting a recommendation letters last week and I'm waiting their response. Once I get the unsealed letters from them, I will send them all including CV, the Research intersts letter (I chose first one of your options), and the transcript of khartoom University , all in one envelop to admission office.

About sending the same email twice to you, that time I was not satisfied to stop sending an email to you for just did not receive any response from you at the first time. I was hoping to recieve email even if just saying that you already have enough students or there is no room in you lab, but I was very happy to recieve your email and so excited to send you back and complete my papers especially because it will be in the field that I like and I really want be more knowgble in the plant field, I really thank you to give me this apportunity to be apart in your lab team.

I hope you can provide me some useful links, so I can read them in my free time
Dear nana555,

Here is your letter. I made a few changes for you. I hope this is what you need.

Dear Dr.Leonard,

Last week, I sent emails to my professors at Khartoom University requesting recommendation letters from them; I am waiting for their responses. Once I receive their unsealed letters, I will send them with my CV, the research interests letter (I chose the first of your options), and the Khartoom University transcript together in one envelop to the admissions office.

In my enthusiasm to receive a response from you, I am afraid that I emailed you more than once, hoping to learn if you already had enough students or if there was room in your lab for me. I was so pleased to hear from you and quite excited to complete my paperwork because of my great interest in the field. I would appreciate the opportunity to be a part of your lab team.

Perhaps you could provide me with some useful links, so I can read them in my free time.

Thank you sooo much for your perfect correction and thank you for your time