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Eheh. I loved it Merve. Thanks for sharing it with us.

Emotion: stick out tongue
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Hey Ville_m,

I've been pressing the "proceed" button next to the "first name and initial" writings but nothing has happened so far.Did I do something wrong? In addition I cannot write anything on the screen..
OK, evraka! It works now [Y]
BTW,did u finish the game_? I think it is a bit terrifying for me to finish..Emotion: surprise I'm afraid I cannot proceed anymore.

Have you downloaded the active desktop to watch the curse grow? What does it mean man_? I mean what will happen if I DOWnload it?
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It's interesting, thanks.
Hi there,

Well I wanted to play it but it's not working on my computer, I don't know why !!!

Anyway, I'll play it.

Hi there,

Well I wanted to play but I saw nothing but an moving arrow with gray and red color,lol !!!

I don't know if I made any mistake ???

Guide me, please.

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