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We can be fairly pleased with the answer to the question ''How much students actually read?''. The greatest number of the students who underwent the survey read in two years 10-15 books; 28% of the students read more than 15 books, 26% read less than 10 books, 16% read all the books that were part of the combined reading. To sum up, 74% of the students read more than a half of all offered texts.

Students share the opinion that the freedom of choice of titles for required reading is an important element in developing positive attitude toward required reading and perception of literary text in general. They agree that successful interpretation of the required reading and high reading rate are the results of the possibility to combine texts and personally choose titles, as well as of the organization of required reading classes and finally, of the topics themselves. Almost all students (92%) expressed positive attitudes toward combined reading considering it to be a more appropriate for the students than the so called classic approach to required reading was, which indicates the fact that students felt certain changes in literary education and reacted positively to them.
My choices (where they differ from yours):

developing a positive attitude
the perception
the successful interpretation
a high reading rate
be more appropriate
for students
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