I want to apply for a master progamme in Clinical Linguistics and therefor wrote letter of motivation. If someone could give me any further advice, I'll be very thankful!

Through this letter I would like to express my interest in applying for Erasmus Mundus scholarship that would enable me to pursue studies in the postgraduate study programme European Masters in Clinical Linguistics.

Since the beginning of my studies in psychology I have been trying to internalize the promise of the cognitive science that states the continuous commitment for the model of scientist-practitioner and the focus on the needs of all human beings. This study programme affirms the identity of modern empirical linguistics as a unique branch when it comes to the empirical approach it takes through research and the application of the results in clinical settings, something that advances the examination of the basic issues related to the overall human functioning and wellbeing especially those related with lingusitics issues.

Personally, I am convinced that I will successfully complete the above mentioned programme for a variety of reasons. First, I have proved my high motivation to studying psychology as can be demonstrated by the high marks I obtained during my undergraduate studies at the University of Prishtina. In addition to my studies, I have put a lot of effort in receiving additional training and experience in psychology through different projects. Based on the above, the Department of Psychology offered me the possibility of supervising the first-year students of the same department while they were carrying out their practice classes.

My confidence that I will be a successful student at the mentioned course is moreover based on the fact that I also practically pursued my research interest in psychology outside of the University curricula. Thus, in 2006 I co-founded the Institute for Psychological Research (IPR). Moreover, my research skills were further developed after I was hired as a Research Assistant in Prism Research, one of the most serious research agencies in the region. I believe that my performance in a multi-cultural environment as offered by the programme where I would want to pursue postgraduate studies would be facilitated by the experience I acquired in UNDP, but also by assisting the German organization 'Jugend für Zukunft e.V.' in their activities.

My command of English cannot be certified by a TOEFL test as such tests have not been held in Kosovo for the last two months, but nevertheless I commit myself that by the end of January 2010 or mid-February 2010, I will take the test and send you the score.

Upon the completion of this programme, I expect to have developed the necessary knowledge and skills in order to conduct both research and apply its results in practice, as well as implement experiences from the practical settings to drive future research. I am committed to this goal as is evident by my record of academic and professional accomplishments. I am convinced that all these factors make me a good candidate for this scholarship.

I would like to thank you in advance for considering my application.

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