hello guys!
in clubs you can have your picture taken and then the photographer hands out a little card with the address where you can later find them:

what is the best wording for this purpose?

- check out your picture (s) at ...
- look at your pics / pictures at ...
- view your pictures...
- other option

what is best and is generally pic, pics, picture or pictures preferred?
thanks ever so much!
I think I'd prefer something other than the command.

"You can see/view/look at your pictures at [address]."
I agree with Philip.

You can view your pictures at...

"You can view" is only a tiny bit longer than "Check out" [12 characters including space, compared to 9] and I think it's a lot nicer to tell me what I can do, rather than ordering me to do it.
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yours maybe nicer, but that is a little long.

which of the options above is best?
what is generally printed on these cards?
any comments guys?
what is common in your city?
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ok in that case. thank you