Hi, would you check my recommendation letter, please?

It's to my pleasure to strongly recommend miss "Dina Hassam Hassan" for ……. university scholarship. As I was her professor at the university for 4 semesters in the past 3 academic years. I taught her Media research and methodologies, Media economics Media languages and other subjects.
I had noticed her educational and social maturity through these years. I was impressed by her enthusiasm and passion in this field of study, she was always on top of her class, as she usually spending the gap between lectures studying to improve her academic performance continuously. I think this diligence is the reason why she was nominated to the student of the year competition 2018 at the level of faculty of arts.
Moreover, she is an active student as she always takes part in academic discussions using her critical thinking skills to reach the highest degree of topic comprehension. I assure you that she has always been loved, appreciated, supportive and helpful, she never hesitates to join any volunteering activity, as she volunteered to be a member of the organizing team for helping children‏ with cancer.
I'm confident that she will contribute effectively and demonstrate the same diligence, and optimism that she had shown to me & her colleagues.
Please feel free to contact me if you need any further information.

yours sincerely