there is someone in the kitchen.

in the kitchen is someone.

do they both mean the same?
Yes in theory but 2) is an unnatural construction.
Not exacly.

If the sentence was "Beneath his crusty exterior was a person." then it would be like yours... and equally odd.

That sentence continues with "who clearly cared about people." Just like the suggestion that yours be continued with something like "who knows how to cook."
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There is someone in the kitchen ! ......This is good English . It means there is a person in the kitchen

In the kitchen is someone...........This is bad English unless it is being followed by some more words

e.g. In the kitchen there is someone who knows how to cook
i found this sentence in the book the monk who sold his ferrari.

"however,beneath his crusty exterior was a person who clearly cared about people."

isnt it like my sentence "In the kitchen is someone"?
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i got it! thanks.