In the animated movie Aladdin, Genie turns Abu (a monkey) into an elephant and says:

"Talk about your trunk space. Check this action out."

I know what "to check <something> out" means, but I don't understand what he means by "this action". And Is it somehow connected with the "your trunk space"? Any help is welcome, thank you.


Not having seen the movie, I'm somewhat at a disadvantage, but I believe the following is correct.

'this action' is very casual language for simply 'this'. It's whatever the speaker wants to draw our attention to.

Check this out = Take a look at this.


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Thank you, CalifJim. I've never come across this usage of 'action'. You probably right. However, please consider this:

First, Genie fits Aladdin with a new suit, then he says:

"Now, it still needs something. What does it say to me? It says mode of transportation. Esalalumbo shimin Dumbo!," and then goes the line in the OP "Talk about your trunk space. Check this action out."

I thought perhaps it's has something to do with "9. way or manner of moving"(http://www.dictionary.com/browse/action ) "the action of a machine or of a horse."

Though, it's hard for me to understand what it says without some context.

Dark Furymode of transportation

= way or manner of moving


Dumbo = the name of an elephant in an animated film from long ago

trunk - two meanings

1. a very large suitcase where you can store lots of clothes and/or supplies for travelling

2. the large extended nose of an elephant


CalifJim, many thanks. Though it's not what I was trying to ask Emotion: smile. I only implied that perhaps the "mode of transportation" that was mentioned earlier was somehow connected with the line in question ("checkthis action out"). I'm sorry for misleading you.

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I'm assuming you understand as the elephant is his mode of transportation, "trunk" space is used as a double entendre.