Cadaver and Essence

"Curse Thy kindness leads to mortality,

Aloft...eulogizing evil to fame,

Suffer in pain Thou seek tranquility,

Conquer Thy dignity and craft it tame,"

"Perform not my sweet tender hush,

Neither phony smile they would see,

Nor gentle voice of mine in rush,

But all truths not to deny me,"

"Refute Thee? Thou evoke demon itself,

Disgrace deeds Thy condemn Thy self in vain,

Fraud I grin pursuing heart of Thy self,

Blame me not to let Thee suffer in pain,"

"The 'I' speak irresponsible,

Condemn me for keeping hatred,

Thou assume all is possible,

Neglecting the obvious threat,"

"Indeed, desert the perils Thou hide mute,

Require me not to get freedom Thou crave,

Revolt I precede and Thou would dispute,

Tiresome, I long to haul Thee to grave,"

"My Lord, speak what I hear untrue,

Forsaken me but thou blight rude,

Guard thy tongue never let it through,

Thy words sharp as knife yet so crude,"

"'s Thee I strive not to disprove,

Convey mine faith, I make Thee conflict it,

Faultlessness to Thee I plead to approve,

Enlighten to assamble our wits meet,"

"Heaven forbids, not I or thee,

Would once ever happen to fuse,

Thine sovoreignty I envy,

Chaos me up not to confuse,"

"Thou decline me again and forever,

Free will does belong to both Thee and I,

Spite not what we have equally ever,

Wondering not in a bond we are...why?"

"Aye...thy tongue hisses like a snake,

Thou can't feel without me, can you?

Pity me not when tears awake,

Forget me in joy thou can do,"

"Serpent Thou art my Lord instead of I,

Disregard Thee I wish I could, but NO,

Sweet bitterness refrains with Thee I try,

The sob and laugh I sense it with Thee now,"

"O Lord... thou accuse me blindly,

Whose fault when thou make love with nymphs?

Wicked I weep still thou do gently,

Tear me up in saddening hymns,"

"Thou could resist but rebel Thou not do,

Mislead me not to a dungeon of love,

Cry Thou art but leap in joy Thou do too,

Shame crime Thou think Thy self as a white dove,"

"Nonsense, He knows I'm innocent,

Abide the truth thou never share,

Pure heart of thine so innocent,

Not I but them thou should aware,"

"Courage I ask but Thou veil secretly,

About to converse a fact and Thou stop,

Questioning why Thou refuse silently,

Fearsome is it all that make Thy self sob?"

"Enough! Say no more about me,

Know nothing thy self of fearful,

It lies deep only inside me,

And only me that is graceful,"

"Appaling soul Thou creature of darkness,

Pitiful spirit claims as creator,

Thou lack lots of knowledge of holiness,

Thou not more than just pathetic traitor,"

"Oh Dieu...oh Dieu thou curse me so,

Anger now you feel inside thee?

Cannot be friend thou become foe,

I pray there's no more you and me,"

"I curse You not but Thou hurt me much,

Thou art part of me and in me Thou stay,

I'm part of Thee 'though Thee I cannot touch,

Live not apart, Thy I can't put away,"

"Beg me not for I'd rather die,

Love me not for thine misery,

Speak loud the farewell good-bye,

My silence would remain mystery,"

"My Lord to whom I shall speak without Thee,

Tasteless plain my life lacking You hollow,

Heave Thine oath my Lord let us become we,

Carcass I am in sweetness and sorrow,"

"Let they will then apart from mine,

Pull not what I declare as vow,

I become rotten soul of thine,

Should've been thee not I to bow!!"
To be honest, I can't figure out what some of your lines mean. For example, what does "in rush" mean in "Nor gentle voice of mine in rush"?

Also, "Thou assume all is possible,/Neglecting the obvious threat" sounds very modern other than the "thou" in the beginning of the sentence. You may want to keep your language more consistent.

(Disclaimer: I know next to nothing about poetry. Just my two cents. Emotion: smile )
Julielai, thanks for the comment...My explanation for the use of "Thou" "Thee" and ya know all that old English there is that I'm not mastering it well. I only experiment with it and hope that someone could teach me more about Old English...I gotta crush on it.

About the use of "rush" in line 6 Nor gentle voice of mine in rush is that imagine the situation where all people doing things and seem to rush, they often ignore everyone who greet them...and so the voice in ur's so quiet and gentle that we often neglect it when we're in a middle of confusion,depression,etc.

er...does that answer your question?