Living in a forign land

I think that learning can be done in many of them is to visit a place where you have not been before,meet the people,taste their food,observe their culture and traditions and many many more.owning their good habits and learning from their bad habits are also a process of learning.

i love to visit around the globe,meet and befriended with different people,learn their languages and know their culture and traditions.

being in a forign land gives me the chance to be with the people of a system different from me.i will learn not only from their living style but from their style of public training from thier government side.

somebody says that ones childern is getting out of control,but i believe that having a strong family background can never bring any disturbance in ones family system,no matter whereever you are,in the world.

there fore in conclusion i can say that if not for living,at least for visiting one should visit aplace where one was never a year.



I took a very, very quick look. My first suggestion is that you need to edit this to use capital letters correctly. Can you do that, and then repost it?

You don't seem to like capital letters. Emotion: smile

Best wishes,Clive
You better start thinking before writing. I takes a lot of time and it seems so boring. I read your letter, and the way you wrote it the reader will just turn it finish right away. You should know how to use capital letters, check your spelling and grammar.But your experiences will help you learn and improve your language skills.