Apologies if this has been dealt with elsewhere. If I am writing a longish post I prefer to type it in Word and then copy and paste here. (The main reason is that although I can spell, I cannot type!) When I paste into the "Post a New Message" box everything looks fine, but when the message is posted words such as chemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />>> mysteriously appear. This has never happened in any other forum I have posted in. I did manage to edit it out in one post, but I should like to know how to avoid the problem arising.

Thank you.
Hello Forbes

It seems to relate to Word formatting codes. They don't all carry over happily at the moment.

It'll be a while before the chaps under the chassis fix this one. In the meantime, you could use a plain text editor (e.g. Start>Run>notepad), or Wordpad (Start>Run>Wordpad).

The other method is to delete and retype the text from a few characters before the 'chemas' bit.

Sorry about that.

Aah! Now I know what that mysterious chemas etc... was! Thank you! [F]