Why are children so much attracted to cartoons and puppets, etc? They are not as much interested in humans as they are in cartoons. What makes cartoons so special for them?

Please give your thoughts.
Children adore playing.
Their life - a constant game.
They take every thing they do as an element of a game.

So... perhaps, this is the answer.

Humans aren't that attractive as cartoons from this point of view - they don't have so much time to play with children, so children choose another way.
Nice topic
I think children love cartoons because the idea is usually simple. Not to mention the beautiful colors and the interesting shapes

although I'm 32 years old, I still love cartoons …hhhhhhhh

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Cartoons help them to learn more about the world and understand it even if it is an imaginary world. Also they want to learn their place in the world and they are looking for a good model for themselves. If their surroundings do not interest and supply their needs so much, then they face with television. While they are watching some of cartoons, they see that some main characters are so powerfull, they beat all the bad characters, they save the world/people. They are hero and nearly everbody love them. Some of them are funny, clever, foxy and successful, they do and take all they want and they always find a way out of difficulty. So these characters supply their needs of model. Also the beautiful colors and the interesting shapes attract them as mubrik88 said. They improve childrens imagination. Of course I'm not saying that they improve it only in good side..

By the way I'm 24 years old and I love some cartoons and still watching them like "Pucca" and "Avatar: The Last Airbender". Also if I can find, I'll watch "Dragon Ball" again (but just its old part, not Dragon ball Z and GT). I'm watching Pucca because I love the Pucca's effort on Garu (her boyfriend) and I like her pure love even if she is only 10 years old. Also it is only 2 minutes (its old eposides), so it doesn't bore while watching and I love Avatar because it is entertaining. I love these kind of cartoons/animation series/mangas and movies (adventure, fantasy, science fiction).. Also they improve my imaginary world Eventually I'm watching them just for fun.

Anyway, have fun watching cartoons!
Yeah, I like cartoons too =D
But children live in a fantastic world, when everything is happy and can be possible!
Hauahua as I said in another topic, I miss my childhood ^^

Because cartoons and puppets don't look exactly like them. Children loves things that are different than what they usually see in daily life.

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Children like to watch colorful world. Their imagination power is way much higher than adults. It’s also because we want our kids to watch cartoons so that they don’t have to worry about serious things in this world at such a small age. Even I make sure my kids watch good series by Andy Yeatman on Netflix every second day.