Hi, I live in the U.K. but still struggling English expression.

I'm trying to wirte a 'Thank you letter' on behalf of my 5year old son.

Can someone help changing my business-like English to sweet children's English ?

Thanks !!!


How lovely of you sending me a lovely Christmas present. I was so pleased

with it as well as your thoughtfulness !

Regrettably, I've been too busy to play with the toys lately.

On weekend, I normally go out and enjoy a theatre play.

So, if you are kindly sending me a present in future, could I request you a

theatre tokens instead of toys, please ?

Thank you again.

Ha nice try...forging a letter from a 5 year old asking for theatre tokens! Do you think it will work?

Seriously, get the kid to draw a picture instead - they know the letter isn't coming from him anyway - and just put 'thanks for the pressie, love 'kids' name' on the bottom of it.
Well, this is an English forum and not an ettiquette one, but I would be offended if I got that letter. I agree with Nona - just have him draw a picture and write his name, and I'm sure he can write the words "Thank you."

Then YOU can include a note with his picture saying something like "It's very considerate of you to remember [your son's name] and we appreciate your thoughtfulness, but he doesn't seem to have much interest in toys. He's very happy to receive cards and letters, so perhaps in the future you could simply send a card with a photo of your family so he can picture you when we talk about the family." Or something similar?

Another idea is simply to have him write "Thank you" in very large, colorful letters, take a photo of him holding it with a big smile on his face, and just send the photo, with or without your extra note attached.
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Thank you very much for your reply. Yes, what you're saying is true....

I do really appreciate those who send him a presents ,but my son is not really interested in them, and most of the toys just end up in a charity shop. This has been going on for a last couple of years and I don't want see this will be going on for more years..... What he really wants is a shopping voucher which allow him to buy something hefancies, but this isn't polite, isn't it ? Or doen't make any differences from theatre tokens, you think ?(it is very true that he enjoys going a theatre & cinema!!) This letter will be sent to his father's ex- family & relatives. His father wouldn't want to contact with them and I am not so close to them, either.

Would you rather suggest that I should leave it as it is ?

Your advise is appriciated. Thanks.
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I do appreciate your advice & opinion.

It seems be very offensive to send this kind of letter to people in Western culture, so I'll go ahead just sending a letter with my son't picture & the word ' Thank you' as suggested.

Yes, this is an English forum and not an ettiquette one, but I often face the case that can not be resolved by just "language translation"....... Souldn't I post this kind of questions on this forum ???

Having said that you have helped me with your great idea, thank you very much !!!!