over 2000 years ago,emperor Qingshihuang,the fist emperor in Chainese history,established the official chainese charactors.the new ,simpliphied charactors made writing caligraphy less comolicated .it allowed people to use more straight strokes,thus making it easier to write with brushes ,and eventually lead to the formation of the five genres in chainese caligraphy.these were the zhuan,li ,kai,xing,cao genres.

some critics suggest that different genres have different plitical implicaitons.the tang Danasty emperor Lishiming was an avid collector of Wangxizi's writings.To some extent,preferences of the emperors had an influence on the rise and fall of certain genres.

maybe you dont undersdant why ordinary people in chain also like caligraphy.part of the reason was the sponsorship by the emperor.another reason was the imperial civil service examinations that started in the7th century.


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