The milk powder scandal has been revealed recently
and lots of countries have already banned the import of chinese milk products
and there're still cases of kids' kidney problem been revealed these days

do you still have confidence on products which are made in China?
if the ban have beenremoved, will you still buy chinese milk products/ other food?

I live in hong kong,
so personally it's a problem that I face everyday.
We rely a lot of imported food/products from China,
but now my family has started to choose japanese food (especially milk products)
frankly speaking i lost confidence on chinese stuff
even the products of some famous brand ( the sponsor of Beijing olympics ) have been found out melamine.

P.S. can you tell me your age/sex/nationality and your occupation too
I need those information for my research paper

Tainted milk and milk products in only the tip of the iceberg.

Last year, pets were killed or sickened by melamine-tainted wheat gluten made in China.
Mattel (a U.S. toy manufacturer) recalled toys tainted with lead paint
Australian toys were tainted with a chemical that metabolized into date-rape drug GHB when swallowed.
In the European Union, a cost-cutting ingredient in antifreeze, added as a thickening agent, was found in Chinese-made toothpaste.
A fruit-flavored drink called Blue Cat, distributed to Asian grocery stores nationwide, has been recalled because of contamination with melamine.
An industrial solvent labeled as glycerin turned up in cold medicine in Panama.
There have been at least 21 deaths and a staggering number—over 700—of reported adverse reactions linked to contaminated Heparin (a drug used as a blood thinner), the main ingredient of which was imported from China.

I'm sure there are many more that have not been reported in the press. I'm also sure these scandals will continue until a truly shocking number of deaths and injuries forces the authorities in various countries to actually take action. Obviously, the deaths and injuries that have occurred thus far have been insufficient to move the relevant authorities.
Chinese political system is a scandal!

I haven't bought food made in Chinese factories before....