I would like to ask for an opinion of native speakers. I am in a process of creation of an application that allows a user to choose (or make a selection) from a predefined long list of options.

I need to find a name for the application - e.g. something like YourChoices or YourSelections. What sounds better or is linguistically more correct?

I found this so far:

A choice is what you make from an available selection.
A selection defines available choices.

A choice may be a personal selection without pressure
An option gives little choice between that which is offered

In other words - if you have some available choices or a selection, what you choose or select from it?

Thanks for an advice.
I would worry less about the subtle differences in meaning and go for appearance and how easy it is to say, type, and remember. And what about 'YourOptions'? Or-- wow!--'YourCall'?
Nice one, Mr. M. I vote for YourCall also.