At the weekend, we can play a............of badminton or join in a football match.

A. sport

B. game

C. match


First, what is your answer? We don't do student's work for them.

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Sorry, my mistake. I thought the answer is "Match", but the key said "game". so why can't I use "Match" in this case?

You can also use Google's ngram, which is a useful tool for working out the answers to such questions.


Enter: a sport of badminton, a game of badminton, a match of badminton in the search.

khanh hoangso why can't I use "Match" in this case?

It wouldn't be natural. With "match", you say, e.g. "a football match", "a basketball match" or "an ice-hockey match".

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That website is going to be a big help to me. Thank you so much!

Is "match" British usage?

nel0506Is "match" British usage?

I can't imagine it not being common in American, or other varieties of, English.

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nel0506Is "match" British usage?

British English: football match

American English: soccer match, soccer game, football game.