Hello everyone.

I was asked to choose this question's right answer:

2-The earthquake _____ many villages.

A)Destroys B) was destroyed
C)Is destroying D) destroyed

my answer was: "C and D are both correct, but the answer you want is D"

The asker replied and said "Only one answer is correct and it is D"

so I just wanted to know, could you say that C is absolutely wrong?
or is it correct?

could the sentence be incorrect when choosing C?
"The earthquake is destroying many villages." is correct in my opinion.

Thanks in advance.
It is more likely that the earthquake is not still destroying the villages. Therefore, I agree with answer D.

C is correct grammar.
But it sounds like you are in a high plane watching the earthquake as it is happening.

A is correct grammar, too.

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I think A is not correct. Notice 'THE' in the sentence.
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The earthquake destroys many villages is correct grammar. You just have to try a bit harder to find a suitable context for such a sentence.
eg a context where you are telling a story.
Tom wakes up on what seems like an ordinary day. Suddenly the ground begins to shake. The earthquake destroys many villages.

This is commonly called 'the historical present tense'.