Please ,correct my answer for the following qustions.

1. Mom screamed when she saw three ___ run under the table.

2. My father’s family comes from Germany but some of my cousins are also ___.

3. If James ___ over the speed limit, he would not have got a speed ticket.

4. If you had called me yesterday, ___ able to accept your invitation.

5. The old man gave the boy a coin as a ___ of his appreciation when the boy carried his groceries home.

6. There is a boat in ___ as one can see from the flares they are sending out. 

7. The boy ___ with fear when his father yelled at him yesterday.

8. Lorraine has a pleasant ___ and is always easy to work with.

9. I am ___ to give up my car but it is just getting far too expensive to keep.

10. A lion’s roar is very ___ .

3-had not drove
4-I would 
3 - had not driven
4 - I would (not) have been
5 - token
8 - "countenance" is a very old word. "face" is the modern equivalent. Neither is quite right, however. The more usual word for that blank is "personality".
9 - "reluctant" is also possible
Thank you very much CJ.