Sorry, non native speaker here, I'm sending the request below about once a week to customers, is any of those correct english ?

Please return this contract
"stamped with the company chop" ?
"stamped with the company stamp" ?
"chopped with the company stamp" ?
"chopped with the company chop" ?

None of those ?
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What is a "chop"? What are you trying to say?
I think a “chop” is the stamp of approval.
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I think a 'chop' is a stamp that identifies a person, or apparently a company. Rather like a Western 'rubber stamp'. I think it is used in Korea, and maybe China?

Western companies don't have such a thing, I think.

What country are you, the original poster, located in ? Where are the companies that you are writing to? Do they all have 'chops'? Do they have to provide signatures as well? Why are you writing in English?

If you provide some background information, it will help us to comment on your sentences.

Best wishes, Clive
Do you mean a company seal?

From Wikipedia

A company seal (sometimes referred to as the corporate seal or common seal) is an official seal used by a company . Company seals were predominantly used by companies in common law jurisdictions, although in modern times, most countries have abrogated the use of seals.[1]

Traditionally, the seal was of some legal significance because the affixing of the seal signified that the document was the act and deed of the company, whereas when a document was merely signed by a director, then that was deemed to be an act carried out on behalf of the company by its agents, which was subject to applicable restrictions and limitatins under the ordinary law of agency .

Seals are generally only used for two purposes by corporations today:

  • Documents which need to be executed as deeds (as opposed to simple contracts), may be executed under the company's common seal
  • Certain corporate documents, for example share certificates are often issued under the company seal (and some countries required that share certificates be issued under the common seal

  • Physically, seals used to be used to make an impression on melted wax on the relevant document, although modern seals will usually only leave an indentation or impression on the paper (although sometimes a red wafer is used to imitate old red wax seals, and to make the sealing show up better on photocopies).
I'm in China, working with other asian countries, people always refer to "company chop" but none of them are native english speakers either.
A Hong Kong ethnically chinese export manager sending a fax to a Taiwan or mainland China chinese manager will likely send the fax in english simply because it is business correspondance.
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Please return this contract with your company's stamp.

'Chop' is often wrongly used to mean 'stamp'.
Thank you !
However it hurts to be taught english by a singaporean ;-)
"How can ?"
AnonymousThank you !
However it hurts to be taught english by a singaporean ;-)
"How can ?"
By the way, which country do you come from? Don't be hurt. We learn from one another. I myself learn when someone challenges what I've written and is able to convince me that I'm wrong.
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